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Janome Longarm Quilting Machines

Sew Sew Studio is your premier resource for longarm sales, education classes, and rental sessions!

 Our Longarm Quilting Machines:
(NEW!) Quilt Maker 15"

• Quilt Maker Pro 16”
• Quilt Maker Pro 18” Versa With Built-In Stitch Regulator
• Quilt Maker Pro 18” With 8’ Frame
• Quilt Maker Pro 20”


Optional Quilting Software:
(NEW!) ProStitcher Lite

• ProStitcher Premium

We also offer longarm familiarization classes for quilters who'd like to know how to use a longarm machine. After you attend one of our classes and would like to quilt on a longarm machine, you can book a rental session on our QMP 20 to finish your quilts!

Explore our longarm offerings below!

New Arrivals


Sales, Classes, And Rentals


If you're ready to purchase a longarm, sign up for a class, or book a rental session, give us a call at 678-661-0201. We'd love to help you!