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Kids' Summer Camps At Sew Sew Studio!

School’s out for summer… almost! The next season has so many good things in store for kids: Pool parties, camping, beach trips, sleepovers, zoo visits, friendly sports games, and, of course, summer camps at Sew Sew Studio!

This summer, our studio in Bogart is hosting an exciting variety of kids’ summer camps in June and July. In each camp, your child will spend several days learning how to sew or improving their existing skills as they make incredible, one-of-a-kind projects! This year’s projects are some of the best that we’ve ever offered, and your child could make zipper pouches, plushies, a patchwork duffle bag, a small quilt, outfits for themselves, a treasured art quilt, and much more. All materials are provided in every camp — this includes sewing machines, fabrics, and notions — and most sessions are beginner-friendly, meaning that kids don’t need sewing experience in order to attend.

Our summer camps will open an entire new world full of creative possibilities for your child; if you’ve been looking for a unique and impactful experience for your child’s summer, these camps are definitely something to consider!

Ready to explore everything that we’re offering this summer? Find the right fit for your camper below!

Please note: Our kids' summer camps are only available at our BOGART location. To request more information, please call our Bogart store at 678-661-0201 or email us at


For The Sewing Newbie

Kids can learn a lifelong skills in our studio!

Super Starters Camp
(June 3 - June 5; Ages 7+)

Our Super Starters Camp was designed with the sewing newbie in mind! Campers will learn all of the sewing machine basics, and once they’re comfortable with their machine, kids can start making projects that will bring a smile to their faces. Scrunchies, bookmarks, crossbody bags, pillows, bracelets, and a plushie are just some of the projects that they can create!

 Learning a new skill has never been more fun! Click HERE to sign up!



For The Future Fashion Designer

Kids can make handmade outfits for their American Girl Dolls!

American Girl Doll Camp
(June 10 - June 12; Ages 7+)

Kids will have an absolute blast making new outfits for their American Girl Dolls! On the last day of the camp, kids will participate in an AG Doll photoshoot, and they can bring props to showcase their dolls’ outfits in a variety of Vogue-worthy scenes.

It's our most popular camp for a reason. Click HERE to sign up!



Kids can build an entire handmade wardrobe in our fun-filled Upcycled Fashion Camp!

Upcycled Fashion Camp
(July 22 - July 24; Ages 7+)

Kids will transform all of their old and unworn clothes into runway-ready couture in our Upcycled Fashion Camp! They’ll be able to play with vibrant, colorful fabrics and a variety of embellishments (ribbon and buttons, oh my!) to give some much-needed pizzazz to any unused clothing item. Plain sweatshirts and jackets, that shirt with a funny stain, items sitting in the donation pile, pants that are a little too short… if it’s no longer being used, kids can bring it to the camp and give it a new life!

Bonus: There's a fashion show on the last day! Click HERE to sign up!



For The Kids That Are Eager For A New Challenge

The Patchwork Duffle Bag by Knot + Thread Design is adorable!

Patchwork Duffle Bag Camp
(June 17 - June 20 ; Ages 9+)

The Patchwork Duffle Bag that kids are making in this advanced-beginner session features some advanced sewing concepts, making it the perfect next step for kids who have some sewing experience under their belt. With an ah-dorable patchwork exterior, a spacious interior, and an ultra-functional design, kids will be taking this accessory everywhere they go: sports practice, after-school clubs, slumber parties, road trips, and beyond.

It's a not-to-be-missed session. Click HERE to register!



Gather your fabrics - We're making a quilt!

Quilt Week Camp
(July 15 - July 18; Ages 8+) 

In this quilty camp, kids are learning how to make a quilt from start to finish; they’ll cut fabrics (with supervision, of course), piece using 1/4” seam allowances, form a quilt sandwich, quilt the layers together, and attach binding. They’ll be able to choose from a couple of words (such as happy, love, hello, peace, or smile) to feature as the main design. When their project is finished, it’ll be ready for display in their favorite space.

Quilting is a lifelong skill! Click HERE to register!



For The Out-Of-The-Box Thinkers

Kids can learn the value of upcycling in our Just Jeans Summer Camp!

Just Jeans Camp
(June 24 - June 26; Ages 8+)

Just how useful can an old pair of jeans be? Let’s find out! In this unique camp, kids will learn the value of repurposing old items and turning them into useful, everyday pieces that will quickly become some of their most beloved possessions. We’ll make a Beary Blue Plushie, the Contain Yourself Blue Jean Bucket, and the Playful Pockets Organizer.

These projects are jean-ious! Click HERE to sign up!



An art quilt is going to be one of your most treasured posessions.

Adventures in Art Quilting Camp 
(July 8 - July 10; Ages 8+)

Sewing meets art in the imaginative Art Quilt Camp! By drawing inspiration from their favorite movies, books, and best memories, kids will be able to create an original textile artwork with fabric paint and dyes and a dazzling assortment of colorful fabrics, threads, and embellishments. Their finished masterpieces will be something to behold, and they're sure to become a beloved fixture in your home for years to come.

This will be a highlight of the summer! Click HERE to sign up!



Our summer camps are going to be so much fun, and attending them is sure to make your child's awesome summer even more unforgettable!