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Quilt Maker Pro 16" Long Arm

Key Features

  • 1,800 Stitches per minute for high-speed quilting
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Convenient magnetic storage strips
  • Ultra bright lights
  • Built-in thread stand
  • Independent bobbin winder
  • Digital tension control
  • Digital LCD touchscreen
  • Timers
  • Stitch regulation mode

QMP 16” Features - In-Depth Look 

  • Stitch Regulation Modes:
    • Precision: This feature is great for ruler work! The longarm will stitch when you move the machine. You can control the speed with the handlebars. 
    • Cruise- This function works like a car idle: when you stop, the machine still has a little motion. It provides a smoother motion for quilters.
    • Manual: No stitch regulation, and the machine will run at the same speed all of the time. 
  • High-Speed Quilting: The QMP16 can stitch at up to 1,800 stitches per minute. Even with high speeds, you can still quilt with precision stitching and regulation. 
  • Small Frame: The QMP16’s frame measures 5’ wide by 4’ deep, allowing you to fit it into any sewing area!
  • Hoop Loading: Hoop your quilts easily with the longarm’s Hoop-Frame technology.
  • Ultra Bright LED Lights & Convenient Magnetic Strips: Keep snips, scissors, and pins at easy reach and achieve great lighting with the  machine’s ultra bright LED lights that are located around the needle area and on the back of the magnetic bars. 
  • USB Updates: Update the machine via USB connection - You won’t have to bring your machine to your dealer to update it!
  • Laser Light: The machine’s rear handlebars include a laser light for Pantographs. 
  • Bobbin Winder & Built-In Thread Stand
  • Timers & Counter: A stitch counter, quilting alarm, and timers allow easy tracking of billing time and stitches for home business projects.
  • Alarms 
    • Quilting Alarm: Set time reminders to keep tabs on your quilting.
    • Overspeed Alarm: Alerts you if you are quilting too fast for stitch regulation to work properly. 
    • Calculator: The on-screen calculator allows you to add, subtract, multiply, and divide so that you can easily and quickly compute measurements.

    Download the QMP 16" instruction manual.