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ProStitcher Lite: A Premium Computerized Quilting Software At An Affordable Price

When quilters use our QMP20 longarm machine, they have two options: use free-motion quilting or use the Premium ProStitcher software. Most customers opt for ProStitcher, and for good reason! The computerized quilting software quilts the designs of your dreams! 


The only downside? Its price. The full version of this software is expensive, and when combined with a ProStitcher-compatible longarm model, it can prevent many quilters from owning a high-quality longarm. 


The solution? ProStitcher LITE! 


ProStitcher LITE gives you custom quilting at an affordable price. The ingenious computerized quilting software will do all of the heavy lifting; you’ll be able to quilt edge-to-edge or blocks with confidence and achieve accurate stitch-in-the-ditch every time! With the touch of a finger, you can resize, rotate, and repeat designs to get them exactly how you like. 


Although ProStitcher LITE is a scaled-down version of Premium ProStitcher, you are NOT compromising on any features. Equipped with 250+ built-in designs, it’s compatible with .hqv, .hqf, and .qli digital quilt pattern formats and boasts a high-definition, full-color 11” touchscreen. ProStitcher LITE has everything you need and would ever need to make beautiful, professional-grade quilts easily!


To REALLY level up, pair it with the BRAND NEW Janome QM15” longarm machine. Offering a flexible workspace with 15” of throat space, 1,800 stitches per minute (4-18 stitches per inch), and a 8’ frame with an optional 2’ extension table, it’s a premier longarm model whose hallmark feature is its affordability. For less than the price of the Premium ProStitcher (no longarm included), you’ll receive an exceptional machine AND a robust quilting software!


Expand your quilting possibilities today! Call us at 678-661-0201 or email us at to learn more!

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