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Private Sewing Lessons At Sew Sew Studio

Do you want to make a specific project and have looked at our studio class calendar, but don’t see that we’re hosting a class for that project soon? Are you interested in learning how to sew and/or discovering how your machine works, but are overwhelmed by all of the things that you have to know? Do you simply learn better in a one-on-one setting? Then you may want to book a private lesson in our studio!


Why would I want to book a private lesson?

Sewists opt to book a private lesson because they are completely new to the sewing world and would like to really understand how everything works before they jump into their first project. After attending a lesson, these sewists go on to attend their first sewing class, and the rest is history! Alternatively, sewists sometimes want to make a specialized project that requires extra time, knowledge, or detail than what we can offer in our regular sewing classes. A private lesson is the best way to achieve that project.


Who are private lessons suitable for?

Anyone! We can accommodate kids and adults in our private lessons.**

*If your child is 7 years or older, it may be better to sign them up for one of our kids’ sewing classes. In the majority of these classes, kids will learn how to sew —they are beginner-friendly and don’t have any previous sewing experience requirements. In general, our kids’ sewing classes are a better value than private lessons because they are longer (usually two hours), include all materials, and will cover the same sewing principles.


What is the pricing for private lessons?

Private lessons are $30 per hour.

How many lessons do I need to book?

It depends, but most of our private lessons last one to two hours. Beginner sewists, including those who are learning how to use their machine, book private lessons for an hour and that is enough to cover all the basics. If you need more instruction, you can book another lesson after your first. We don’t have any limits as to how many private lessons you can/should book.

Am I better off booking a private lesson or attending one of your classes?

Again, it depends. Our regular sewing classes may be a better value for you because you’ll get more instruction time for about the same price and materials are sometimes included with the class. You will have to provide your own materials for the private lesson.

Most of our private lessons are for brand new sewists who want to learn how to operate their sewing machine. Since we don’t host many “Learn Your Machine” classes, we usually refer them to a private lesson. We’ve hosted other lessons where the customer wanted to make a costume, or they were interested in learning the ins-and-outs of domestic FMQ; since we don’t have too many classes for these subjects, a private lesson was the best choice for them.

If, for example, you’re interested in learning how to quilt, it might be better for you to attend one of our quilt classes. Even if we don’t have one scheduled at the time, we promise that it won’t be much longer until we host our next one! Additionally, if your child wants to learn how to sew and they’re at least 7 years old, it may be better to register them for one of our kids’ sewing classes. These classes will teach them how to sew, they’ll get more instruction time for about the same price, and materials are included in the class.

We encourage you to look at our studio class calendar and see what’s coming up. If you don’t see something that you’re interested in, we’d be happy to have you in our studio for a private lesson!

You only sell Janome machines, but I have a machine from another brand and I want to learn how it works. Can I still book a private lesson?

Absolutely! Just be sure to bring your instruction manual and some extra accessories with you to your lesson.

Did you buy a machine from us? In that case, your lesson is free! We offer free, unlimited owner lessons with every machine purchase.


I’m ready to book a private lesson! How do I go about it?

To book a private lesson, give us a call at 678-661-0201 or fill out the contact form below and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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