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Private Lessons With Tonya: Click For More Information

Book A Private Lesson At Our Studio!

Whether you want to learn how to use a machine or are interested in making a special project, we invite you to book a private lesson at our studio!

In these one-on-one sessions, you’ll meet with one of our instructors and explore any topic of your choosing. Each session is $40 per hour. After attending your first lesson, you’re welcome to book another one or join one of our regular sewing classes.


Here’s how to book a private lesson:

1.) Read the descriptions below to find the private lesson that will fit your sewing needs and schedule. If it’s a good match, sign up!

2.) If the time slot that you want says "Add To Wait List", that session is not available any more. Please select another time slot.

3.) If the private lessons that are available below don’t fit your needs or schedule, please call us at 678-661-0201. We’d be happy to help you set up a new lesson. 

To learn more about our private lesson program, please click HERE. 

Lessons With Tonya
Tonya is a garment-making extraordinaire. She makes all kinds of clothing; from constructing most of the things that she wears to stitching fabulous cosplay costumes from scratch and everything in between, she can do it all! Her knowledge of sewing is extensive, and she is also incredibly skilled in sewing accessories and in general sewing.


You should book a private lesson with Tonya if…
You want to learn how to sew. Additionally, if you think that you’d like to make clothes in the future, you should definitely book a class with Tonya as she can begin to explain the garment-making basics during your first lesson.


These are the lessons that she offers:

  • Machine Familiarization - Do you have a sewing machine and want to learn how to use it? This is the lesson for you! Our instructor will teach you how to operate the machine safely, and will go over threading, winding a bobbin, changing needles, using the stitches, and more. At the end of the session, you’ll practice your new sewing skills on a small project. 


  • Introduction To Garment-Making - Tonya will give you the lowdown on all things garment-making. You’ll explore how to read a pattern, learn how to find fabrics to make your clothes, get the basics on sizing, and set-up a machine for garment-making. You may not be able to finish a project during this lesson, but you’ll receive all of the basic information to get you started. (You can always book a second lesson if you need it!)

When you book a lesson with Tonya, you'll only be going over ONE one of these topics. Even if you're only interested in learning how to use a machine and the lessons that are available fit your schedule, go ahead and book a session!

What To Bring To Your Lesson

Machine Familiarization Lessons
• Your sewing machine
• Power cord and foot pedal
• Instruction manual

Introduction To Garment-Making
• Your sewing machine
• Power cord and foot pedal
• Instruction manual
• The project that you want to make

If you do not yet own your own machine, you can learn on one of our shop machines.

Materials for any project that you make in a lesson are NOT included in the price, but they can be purchased at our store for 20% off.

Instructor Name:
Tonya Allen
Instructor Bio:
30 years sewing experience
garment and costuming specialty
beginner to advanced lessons

Private Lessons With Tonya: Click For More Information

$ 40.00
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Thu, Apr 25, 2024 at 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
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