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One-Block Wonder Quilt Class

Join us in making a One Block Wonder quilt out of ONE fabric. That’s right— A whole quilt, made with just one fabric! We know what you're thinking: This is going to make a very boring quilt. On the contrary! When you're done with this project, you're going to have one of the most striking and unique projects that you've ever made.

This is how it works:

After choosing the fabric, you'll follow the “One Block Wonders” book to start your quilt. Layer six pieces of fabric under the Creative Grids 60° Triangle Ruler and cut. Join these six pieces into a block; when completed, the block will have a kaleidoscope effect. Follow this process to make more blocks; they'll be arranged strategically until they're all combined together into a full-sized quilt. That fabric that you chose at the beginning? It's going to be unrecognizable when you're done with this project. Don't you love your new quilt?

How To Choose Your Fabrics

Fabric is the most important element of this quilt, so you want to make sure that you choose the right one. 

The best fabrics to make a One-Block Wonder quilt are the ones that have large prints with minimal background. Limit the colors featured in the fabric to only four or five.

Fabric Requirements

The fabric requirement for this quilt is six repeats of fabric. These repeats need to be 18”-24”. The kaleidoscope effect will be more dramatic with a larger repeat.

This is an example of how you determine the yardage that you’ll need for your quilt:

If the repeat in the fabric is 24”, you will multiply 6 x 24”= 144

Divide 144 by 36”= 4 yards

Add 1/4 yard to be safe

You will need to buy 4.25 yards for your One-Block Wonder quilt.

Adding Borders

If you want to add borders to your project and want to use the original fabric, you will need to buy at least six yards of fabric.

Finished Quilt Size

In general, a One-Block Wonder quilt will finish as a standard throw sized project (50” x 60”). However, the finished size of your quilt will depend on how large your repeat is. Fabrics with smaller repeats will produce smaller quilts, and fabrics with larger repeats will produce larger quilts.

How To Find Fabric

We offer a couple of great options that would look wonderful on your One-Block Wonder quilt, and we’d be happy to help you find the right choice. We have a special mirror that you can use to see what your kaleidoscope blocks will look like.

To “audition” your fabric options and make sure that they’re a good choice for this project, there’s an awesome website that will show you what your fabric will look like on your quilt. To try it out, click on the link below:


The “One Block Wonder” book is included in the price of the class. You will need to purchase the following things:

  • Fabric for your quilt (please see the description above to determine your yardage)
  • The Creative Grids 60° triangle ruler
  • Optional: A Magic Mirror to “audition” your fabric.

These materials can be purchased at our store at 20% off. 

Experience Level

This lesson is suitable for advanced beginners. Students must have previous quilting experience, as well as experience with the following techniques:
• Cutting with a rotary cutter.
• Sewing precise 1/4" seams

Additional Information
If you have any questions about this class, please call us at 678-661-0201.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
This is an advanced beginners quilt class; students must have previous quilting experience
Materials Included:
Some, but not all.
The "One-Block Wonder" book is included in the price of the class. Students must also purchase the 60? Creative Grids triangle ruler and fabrics. Purchasing a Magic Mirror is optional. All of these materials can be purchased at our store for 20% off.
Instructor Name:
Sheila S.

One-Block Wonder Quilt Class

$ 112.00
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