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Intermediate Homeschool Series: Clothing Thursdays With Tonya

Join us for our Intermediate Homeschool Series! This kids’ series will focus on clothing - Kids will learn the basics of garment-making, become familiarized with basic design fundamentals, follow sewing patterns, make clothing repairs, and more. Each class will build on the skills learned in the previous class; at the end of the series, students will have a better understanding of how they can begin constructing their own handmade wardrobe.

The Intermediate Homeschool Series is composed of nine lessons that will begin on August 2023 and end in March 2024. Eight classes will be dedicated to learning a particular garment-making skill;  there will be one make-up class at the end of the series.

Structure Of Classes

August 10 -  Take measurements, review sizing and go over ideas for first project, discuss choices for fabrics, learn how to read a pattern.

HOMEWORK: Purchase fabric/pattern and pre-wash materials.

September 14 - Cut patterns and fabrics and prepare the garment. We’ll focus on pattern markings and grading between sizes.  Students will learn about grain lines, special notations, and how to read pattern instructions. 

October 19 -  Begin constructing the garment, with a focus on seam allowances, bias, drape, and different methods of finishing properly.  

November 9 -  Finish the first garment. Students will learn zipper and button installation and other embellishment techniques.  

December 7 -  If the students didn’t finish the garment in the previous class, the instructor will give them time to do so in this lesson.  Learn other frequently-used garment-making techniques (that were not covered in the patterns).  Students will practice gathering, making elastic channels and waistbands, and sewing hems.

January 11 -  Students will learn alteration and mending techniques.  Kids can bring in damaged/ill-fitting clothes to practice for this class. They will learn to repair their clothes by using patches, by closing holes, alter them with simple taking-in methods, or use hand-stitching. We encourage kids to bring moderately damaged/ill-fitting clothes to this class.

February 8 - Students will learn how to clone a simple favorite stretch garment to make a pattern. Kids must bring a pair of well-fitting leggings to this class. To make the leggings, kids will also need to bring one yard of stretch knit fabric to class; this may vary depending on the child’s size. 

March 7 - If a child missed one of the eight principal lessons, they can attend this lesson to catch-up on their work. This class will take place on the Thursday before the last day of the series.

March 14 -  We’ll be using sergers for this lesson. Students will finish their self-drafted  pattern that they created in the previous class with a serger. The instructor will also cover the basic functions of a serger machine and teach students how it can be used for many other types of projects. 

Materials & Experience Level

Patterns and fabrics are NOT included in the price of the class, but they are 20% off if they’re purchased at our store. We will have several appropriate patterns to pick from for the first main project.

Experience Level - This series is suitable for kids who have previous sewing experience. It is NOT suitable for kids who have never sewn before.

Skill Level:
Materials Included:
Smaller materials are included in the price of the course. Extra materials can be purchased at our store for 20% off.
Instructor Name:
Tonya Allen

Intermediate Homeschool Series: Clothing Thursdays With Tonya

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