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Back To Basics: Free-Motion Quilting

Free-motion quilting (FMQ) has a bad rap in the sewing world, but it's actually a lot of fun, and, more importantly, completely achievable - Yes, you can do it, too! Don't believe us? Attend this class and let us show you how easy free-motion quilting can be. In this class, you will learn all of the basics of FMQ, including:

• How to set up your machine for FMQ
• Lower your machine's feed dogs
• Changing into your FMQ foot
• Making a quilt sandwich
• The different type of FMQ feet, including the open toe/closed toe, ruler, hopping, and darning feet
• High shank versus low shank machines, and how this can affect your FQ technique
• FMQ hand positions
• How to begin free-motion quilting; you'll stitch out meandering lines on quilt sandwich

You will be hooked on FMQ after you attend this class!

Please note: This is a lecture-style class. Although you will practice some FMQ techniques on your machine, the class's content will be primarily focused on getting you acquainted with the technique.

Materials Required: Students need to bring their domestic machines to the class with a drop feed function. If available, please bring your machine's extension table. Additionally, students should bring at least one of the following free-motion quilting feet:
• Darning foot
• Open or closed toe foot
• Hopping foot
• Ruler foot

Since the class will cover all of these feet, it's preferable to bring as many as you can.

Experience Level: This class is suitable for people who have previous sewing/quilting experience. 

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
This class is suitable for beginners. Previous sewing/quilting experience is preferred.
Previous sewing/quilting experience is preferred.
Instructor Name:
Kay D

Back To Basics: Free-Motion Quilting

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