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Artistic Digitizer Club - Digitized Stars

We are restarting our Artistic Digitizer club! The purpose of our Artistic Digitizer club is to familiarize embroidery enthusiasts with Janome’s Artistic Digitizer, a user-friendly and robust embroidery digitizer software. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own embroidery designs, Artistic Digitizer will make it easy!

In this series, attendees will explore the many features of AD.

Each season of the year, we’ll work on a new project. For the spring season, we’re working on a Fourth of July project. This is what the three sessions will look like:
* April 13 Session: Fonts - Embroider a patriotic-themed quote. We’ll mix it up with a blocky font and a cursive font.
* May 18 Session: Star - Embroider different stars on your project and play around with different stitch patterns so that they are all different.
* June 22 Session: Polishing - Give the final touches to your embroidery project. After this session, your project will be ready for the Fourth of July!

This is a free series, and each class is open to anyone and everyone. You do not need to bring your embroidery machine to class; we will only be making the design during the class, so please bring your laptop and Artistic Digitizer software. If you do not yet own Artistic Digitizer, you are also also welcome to attend the class if you’d like to see what this software is capable of. Our instructor will be on-hand to give guidance and answer any software-specific questions.

Artistic Digitizer Club - Digitized Stars