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Homeschool Beginner Series - Fall 2023 (FAKE)

Welcome to our Fall 2023 Beginner Homeschool Sewing classes! Our studio has a long history of success with our beginner classes and we’re happy to have you join the fun.  The Beginner Homeschool Series is a set of classes that we've designed for kids who want to learn how to sew and who have little or no previous sewing experience. In attending all of these lessons, kids will learn how to operate a sewing machine safely and acquire the necessary skills to sew a wide range of projects. Each class is project-based, meaning that kids will make a project during their lesson and be able to take it home with them on the same day. Students in our beginning series regularly move on to advanced classes and other shop offerings (camps, workshops, challenges). 

Who Can Attend The Beginner Homeschool Sewing Series?

One question we frequently get asked is, “What is a beginner sewer?”  Here are some things to consider:

A beginner is:

  • Anyone who is using a sewing machine for the first time.
  • Anyone who is using basic sewing tools (fabric scissors, iron, seam ripper, pins, needles) for the first time.
A  confident beginner can:
  • Name parts of a sewing machine.
  • Use a sewing machine safely and independently.
  • Use basic sewing tools (fabric scissors, iron, seam ripper, pins, needles) safely and independently.

Both beginner and confident beginners are welcome in this class! We'll all work together to create, make friends and have fun.

Class Structure

Our Beginner Homeschool sewing classes will be offered as a series of six classes, offered twice a month. If a student misses one of these classes, they can attend a makeup day on November 7 to finish their project. Each class activity builds on skills from the previous lesson, allowing students to develop their sewing skills and creativity in a low stress environment.



Monthly Theme


Skills Learned

September 5

11 AM to 1 PM

Back To School

Bookbag Tote

Parts of a sewing machine

Pinning Fabric

Sew straight seams

 September 19

11 AM to 1 PM


Journal Cover

Make a fabric sandwich

Sew a turning hole

October 3

11 AM to 1 PM

Keep it Tidy

Door Knob Basket

Sew curved seams

Follow a pattern

October 17

11 AM to 1 PM


Bag Holder

Make casing

Insert elastic

October 31

11 AM to 1 PM

Kitchen Crafts


Make clothing

Use decorative stitches

November 14

11 AM to 1 PM


Hot Pad

Machine quilt a design

Top stitch to finish

November 7

11 AM to 1 PM

Make-up Date

If a student misses any class, they can attend this lesson so that they can finish their project.


Skill Level:
Materials Included:
All materials are included
Instructor Name:
Mary F

Homeschool Beginner Series - Fall 2023 (FAKE)