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Patchwork Bin - Confident Beginner

If you've been to our studio, you've seen these crafty little bins dotting the tables and brightening the space with color and function.  They're perfect for scraps, houseplants, gift baskets, and home organizers.  

This is a pattern by Rosie Taylor Crafts.  The pattern includes three sizes of bins.  We will make the largest size, which measure 7" W x 5.25" H.

Pattern and materials are included in the class price.  

We'll use a foam stabilizer and learn the following new skills
• Joining edges of a quilt-as-you-go pattern
• Sewing in a curved bottom
• Binding the top of the bin

We'll have a bunch of patchwork pieces pre-cut for use, but should you choose to use your own fabrics, see the instructions belowfor cutting the patchwork pieces beforehand:

"Patchwork: You use small strips of different cotton print fabrics, pieced together to make the rows of the patchwork. The strips should be 1 ½'' in height and a width of about 2'' to 4'' should be a good size. Make sure you have enough pieces for the tub size you are making.
If your pieces average 3 inches in width, you'll need approx. 50 pieces for the large size bin we are making in class.

Join us for this fun class! We bet you'll go home and make a few more!

Patchwork Bin - Confident Beginner

$ 69.00
Includes materials and pattern