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Machine Owner Boot Camp ~ Learn your machine

We will help you learn how to use the basic functions of your domestic sewing machine, how to take care of it, trouble shoot issues, and use your machine to its full potential.

If you purchased or received the machine from our shop this holiday season, this is a no charge class!!!!!  If you have a machine that is not a Janome, Elna, or Kenmore, or one purchased elsewhere, no problem, just be sure to bring your manual and accessories. 

What do all these accessories do?  What are all of these feet for?  Ankles, feet, and shoes?  Why do I have a bottle of oil?  It seems like I should put it somewhere.  What needle is best for this?  My older machine is so dirty and clunky - how can I clean it?  Buttonhole foot long boat thing is really intimidating.  I have this brand-new machine - how can I keep it great? So many questions that we will answer :) 

OR - I'm ready to UPGRADE!  How do I know what machine is best for me???

We can work with (and know) most any standard machine but are certified with Janome, Elna, and Kenmore.  We look forward to helping you get to know your machine :) 

Power Cord
Foot Pedal
Instruction Manual
All the feet and accessories that came with your machine at purchase
Skill Level:
bring all manuals and accessories with your machine
Instructor Name:
Sarah Campbell

Machine Owner Boot Camp ~ Learn your machine

$ 30.00