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Longarm Education Classes

Our longarm education classes are great for longarm owners and non-owners alike! 

Unlimited Owner Lessons

If you purchase a Janome longarm quilting machine from us, you will be able to receive FREE and UNLIMITED owner lessons. We want to make sure that you master your new machine! We accommodate your schedule and we’re happy to offer your lessons in-person, on-site, or virtually. The best part? You don't need to wait until we host a Longarm Familiarization Class. All you need to do is call our store to tell us that you'd like one-on-one instruction for your longarm machine and we will set a time to meet with you as soon as we can!

Longarm Education Classes

If you're not ready to purchase a longarm but are still curious about what it's like to quilt on one, you can attend our longarm education classes! These classes provide in-depth instruction for longarm quilting. If you previously bought a longarm machine from us, you are welcome to come to these classes free-of-charge! 

We offer two types of longarm education classes: 

  • Longarm Familiarization Class: Our introductory longarm class will show you what a Janome longarm can do! The two-hour class will review basic longarm quilting techniques and is a great way to explore the features of our longarm machine(s). If you’re interested in renting time on our QMP 20 longarm, we require that you attend this class prior to your rental session.
    • Cost: Each two-hour class is $20. 
  • ProStitcher In-Depth Class: After you attend our longarm familiarization class, you can attend this class to learn about the QMP 20’s ProStitcher robotics software. It is recommended, but not required, that you attend this class prior to renting time on our QMP 20.*
    • Cost: The price of this class is $15. If you rent time on the QMP 20 and want to use ProStitcher during your session and you did not take the ProStitcher class, there will be a $15 ProStitcher setup fee in addition to the $20 per hour rental fee. 

  Visit our Class Calendar to find the next date for our classes.