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Longarm Rental Sessions On The Janome QMP 20

Our premier longarm machine, the Janome QMP 20, is now available to rent out to the public!  If you don’t own a longarm, rental sessions give you a great opportunity to finally finish your quilts!  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing for longarm rentals?
• $20 per-hour rental fee.
• $15 per-quilt ProStitcher fee until you're proficient with the software. (Not applicable for free-motion quilting.)
• Buy 12 hours, get one free!
• Thread is priced per-bobbin. There are different prices for different threads.

I want to book a rental session! What does a typical longarm rental session at Sew Sew Studio look like?

  • Attend one of our longarm familiarization classes first if you haven’t already.
  • Call us at 678-661-0201 to book your session. A rental session costs $20 per hour. 
  • Bring your unfinished quilt.
  • Choose your design: You can choose from free-motion or ProStitcher. Most of our customers prefer ProStitcher, a computerized quilting software that has over 800 designs.  Start quilting!
    • Note: We host a $15 ProStitcher class that is recommended but not required for rental sessions. If you choose not to attend the class but want to use ProStitcher during your rental session, there will be a per-quilt $15 ProStitcher fee in addition to the $20 per hour fee.

How long does it take to finish a quilt on a longarm machine?

On average, a throw-sized quilt takes three to four hours to finish. A Queen or King size quilt takes approximately 6+ hours to finish. 

Do I have to attend the Longarm Familiarization and the ProStitcher In-Depth classes in order to book a longarm rental session?
It is required that you take the Longarm Familiarization Class. Although the Janome QMP 20 and ProStitcher are user-friendly, they are comprehensive and require practice in order to quilt correctly. Because of this, we require that new longarm users take the class so that they’ll be able to use our longarm in an efficient and effective manner. It is not required that customers take the ProStitcher In-Depth course, but it is highly recommended. If you choose not to attend this class but still want to use ProStitcher during your session, there will be a per-quilt $15 ProStitcher set-up fee until you are proficient.

What if I want to quilt on a longarm that is not the QMP 20?
At this time, our QMP 20 is the only longarm that is available to rent out to the public. However, if you're interested in learning more about our other Janome longarm machines, we'd be happy to help you!


Ready to start quilting?
Call us at 678-661-0201 to book your session!